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Frequently Asked Questions.

Please find on this page our frequently asked questions.

If you do not find answers to your questions on this page, please click on this form to contact us. And we shall be glad to provide you with necessary feedbacks as urgently as we can.


How can I join your organization?
Joining our organization is easy. Just click on the Sign Up form here.

What happens after signing up?
After signing up, we encourage you to edit your membership profile. This will enable us to obtain and store accurate and sufficient details about you. Thereafter, we can link you up with any of our Chapters nearest to you. With this, you will be informed of any meeting for members or upcoming event in your area that you may be interested in attending and participating in as a member.

Is membership only available online?
>No. But we require all prospective members to first sign up online and edit their profiles, before they are linked up with our office nearest to their location.

What are the requirements for membership?

The only basic requirements are as follows;

  1. A prospective member must not be less than 18 years old.
  2. Prospective members must be law-abiding citizens
  3. All prospective members must have good moral character

Aside from this, there are no academic, professional or other requirements. Our membership is open to all irrespective of age, sex, education, religion, political affiliation, tribe, language, colour, creed, or belief.

What are the membership benefits?
The foreseeable benefits of membership of our organization have been enumerated here.

Do I have to pay money to become your member?
No. To join our organization is absolutely free. We do not charge any membership due whatsoever.
However, members may be required to buy some of our materials and publications for their own education and advancement.

Why doesn't your organization charge membership dues like others?
Our primary consideration is the economic situation in Nigeria, where a larger percentage of the population lives on less than $1 per day. Any demand for Membership dues may prove an additional burden, and be unaffordable for many people who otherwise would have benefited from joining and participation.

As a member, will I be entitled to all your materials and publications free of charge?
Some of our materials and publications are free for members while others are greatly discounted.

When are meetings held by members?
Dates and venues of meetings are posted on our website and also communicated personally in advance to our members.

Free Legal Advice & Consultations

Must I be a member of your Organization to enjoy free legal advice and consultation?
No. Free legal advice and consultation is available to all members of the public.

How do I contact you if I need a legal advice?
We already have a form for our free legal advice and consultation. Please click here

Can I call you on phone for free legal advice?
Well, yes. But we encourage you to make use of other media like our website, our Facebook account, our twitter handle or by email. The advantage in this is that other people will benefit from the advice issued through these media.
Secondly and more importantly, we do not guarantee that we will always be available to attend to your requests by phone, as we may be busy with other engagements. If, therefore, you try to reach us by phone and do not succeed for any reason, please contact us through any other medium.

Are your advisors qualified legal practitioners?
Yes. We always endeavor to ensure that all our advisors are qualified legal practitioners who hold current practicing licenses.

Do you give a warranty that I can rely absolutely on any advice obtained from your Organization?
Free legal advice and consultations are offered on AS IS basis. We DO NOT give any warranty. We only ensure that any advice is given at the best of our advisors’ ability. We encourage you to read through our Terms and Conditions before seeking legal advice.

Can I retain the services of any of your advisors after the free legal advice?
Yes, you can.
But it is strongly recommended that you contact us first and allow us to formally recommend any one of our advisors to you. This will enable us monitor the level of services offered to you as well as ensure the competence of the legal practitioner so concerned. The above notwithstanding, we advise you to read about the limitation of our liability as contained in paragraph 21.0 of our terms and conditions.

Pro Bono Services

What are the free legal services rendered by your Organization?
The extent of free legal services available is as follows;

  • Tenancy matters – priority is given to tenants/lessees.
  • Domestic abuse/violence
  • Personal injury matters
  • Employer/employee disputes including compensation for workplace injuries or death
  • Matrimonial matters, especially welfare and custody of children
  • Reprieve for victims of sexual abuse including rape and abduction
  • Civil claims including trespass to the person, actions resulting from negligence, accidents and death resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

Do I have to pay to enjoy this free legal service?
This will depend on the nature and circumstances of each particular case.
In some cases, our legal services are offered at absolutely no cost to you. The whole cost is borne by us.
In other instances, you may be required to provide stipends to cover fares, filing fees, costs, penalties and other sundry expenses.

What if I want to discontinue with your representations, do I need to pay any fee?
No. except there are outstanding costs, penalties or fees which you have been made aware of.

Can I apply for free legal services at any time?
Yes, you can. But our availability to render free legal services is dictated by available resources. A maximum number of cases that can be handled is set periodically, and once this maximum is reached, we may not be able to offer free legal services until additional financial resources are available.
Most importantly, we strongly recommend that you confirm with us first before discontinuing with your present legal representations or presenting us as your legal representatives.

Are there any conditions attached to your provisions of free legal services?
There are no conditions attached.
But occasionally, and especially where there has been a financial award by any court, panel, body or agency, we may request that pledges or donations be given to our Organization from this award, to further assist us in our programs.

How many books do you have in print?
Presently, we have 7 titles in print, all designed to educate the public on every aspect of their rights.
We also have some lectures recorded on audio CDs.
Our current list of publications is available here:

Why do you sell your books and audio lectures?
This is one of the major sources of raising funds for our activities; because our Organization does not collect membership dues or any fee whatsoever from our members for joining us.

Can I be a distributor of your books and audio lectures?
Yes you can.
But we advise you to contact our Publishers to discuss the terms and conditions. You can reach our Publishers via email at contact@centurionpublishers.com.

Are your books and audio tapes only available at your office?
Our aim is to make all our publications available throughout the country and beyond, to enhance our enlightenment campaigns. To achieve this aim, we commissioned our Publishers to distribute our books and audio materials for a wider outreach.
For this reason, our Publishers will distribute all our publications through traditional bookstores, vendors and through every other permissible means.

If I order for a book or audio CD through your website, can you deliver to me?
We are sorry that we do not have the facilities to undertake home delivery. But you can check this out with our Publishers

Human Rights Defenders (HRD)

What is HRD?
HRD is simply our volunteer program for members

What is the purpose of HRD?
It is to allow members a greater level of participation in our activities.
As part of our HRD group, members will be able to dedicate more of their time, energy, skills and expertise towards any of our programs.

Are HRD participants paid remunerations?
But in deserving situations, stipends and allowances may be made available to meet specific needs

How can I join?
You must first join as a member and edit your membership profile. Then join the HRD by filling out the form here

Must I pay to become HRD?

What are the benefits of becoming HRD?
Same benefits as becoming a member.
But in the enjoyment of benefits, HRD participants are given priority as a reward for their time, energy and dedication.