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Membership Benefits

As a non-governmental organization deeply involved in the protection of the rights of the populace, we are regularly in need of lawyers as volunteers, from different parts of Nigeria.

The following benefits may be available to you if you become our member:

  • Members are entitled to some of our educational and campaign materials free of charge.
  • Membership will allow you to meet and network with like-minded domestic and international peers and other groups, to exchange ideas and visions, and to sharpen your skills, innovations and lessons on human rights issues.
  • Members will be considered in openings for exchange programs with local and international partners and institutions.
  • Members are entitled to generous discounts on our books and audio CDs and eBooks.
  •  Members who chose to redistribute our education materials are also entitled to very generous discounts, up to 50%.
  • Members are entitled to free attendance at our seminars, conferences, lectures and trainings.
  • Members are eligible to be nominated for human rights delegations, events, training and education on human rights within and outside Nigeria, which may equip them in exercising leadership roles among their peers.
  • Members entitled to one-on-one free legal advice and consultations with our team of legal advisors.
  • Very active Members may be entitled to free legal representations in misdemeanor or simple offences, and in selected civil cases that affects their rights.
  • Members may be entitled to nominations to represent our Organizations within or outside Nigeria.
  • Only Members are entitled to join the Human Rights Defender corp.
  • Members are entitled to free gifts and materials donated by local and international donor agencies and partners.
  • Access to our regular Newsletters and Bulletins keep members abreast of trending events on human rights worldwide.