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Who we are

The Peoples’ Rights Enlightenment & Awareness Initiative

(PREAWIN) Also known as KNOW YOUR RIGHTS is a non-governmental organization in Nigeria. It started in 2005 when people of like minds with no political, religious, or ethnic affiliation came together to map out strategies on how to generally educate Nigerians on their basic rights under the law.

The decision

The decision to form this organization was borne out of a burning desire to ensure that we all live in a society where human rights are assured. For, when fundamental rights are guaranteed, then the citizens would enjoy good governance, peace and an orderly society.

At the onset, PREAWIN was known as the Public Enlightenment Campaign Organization (PECO), and we operated under this name for many years until 2016. From this year, the promoters mutually agreed to change the name to properly reflect our mission as an organization dedicated to the enlightenment and education of the people on their rights.  This led to the birth of Peoples’ Rights Enlightenment & Awareness Initiative (PREAWIN).

We are a registered association under Nigerian laws, having been duly registered with the regulatory authority, the Corporate Affairs Commission.
Our activities are legal, lawful and absolutely non-political, non-partisan and non-discriminatory.