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Public Enlightenment Campaign Series (PECS)

designed to promote our aim of mass education, enlightenment and awareness campaigns on the rights of the citizens

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About PECS

In 2006, we launched the Public Enlightenment Campaign Series (PECS), which was carefully designed to promote our aim of mass education, enlightenment and awareness campaigns on the rights of the citizens. Under PECS, we started the publication of advocacy materials generally titled “KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.” These materials included books, handbills, pamphlets, bulletins, serialized lectures in some tabloids, etc.

The first of our books in 2006 was titled Know Your Rights As A Tenant, which gained massive readership. This also generated immense demand by the readers for more books on their basic rights. We had no choice but to seek to satisfy the yearnings of the Nigerian masses, and today we have published seven books under PECS, all with the singular aim of educating and enlightening the Nigerian public on their basic rights as guaranteed by law.

We have not rested on our oars, as we have outlined many other publications dedicated to some specific areas of peoples’ rights, as directed by their demands. In addition to books, we have remained consistent with our handbills, pamphlets and periodic bulletins which have been distributed free to members of the public. Each of these materials educate on specific areas, with a view to creating awareness generally about peoples’ rights. Through the online media, we have also continued to dish out lectures and teachings aimed at our followers. We are intensifying efforts in this area, since it is cheaper and the reach is wider. We have also produced a few audio CDs which contain lectures that educate the people on some aspects of their rights.

Beginning from 2009, we participated in a weekly radio program, “Vigilante” anchored by Mr. Femi Stone on Metro FM, 97.6, a Federal Government-owned radio station in Nigeria. On this program, our Executive Director performed the role of an on-air Solicitor lecturing on the citizens’ basic rights and engaging in free legal advice and consultations for callers.
We have continued to provide free legal advice and consultations to the public. And we have also facilitated the provision of pro bono legal representations to many citizens.
All our programs and publications have enjoyed wide acceptance and endorsements amongst the general populace who have equally clamored for more of these enlightenment campaigns in other areas of their lives. Many have continued to urge us to take the awareness campaigns to the radio, televisions, newspapers and other media of mass communication for a larger outreach.

We have been invited by several organizations to lecture their members on their basic rights under the law, as related to their activities. For example, we have delivered several lectures organized by some religious organizations including some Chapters of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN); many human right groups including some branches of the Campaign for Democracy; and other educational, socio-political institutions and associations.