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Human Rights Defenders


Our volunteers are known as Human Rights Defenders (HRDs)..

Propagating and defending human rights.

This is a group formed for members of our Organization who are interested in participating more in our activities through volunteering. As a member/volunteer, you can decide to give more of your time, energy and intelligence to the work of propagating and defending human rights.
We require HRDs in all 36 States and the Federal Capital City, as well as in the 776 Local Government areas of Nigeria.
Members are allowed to belong to up to two departments within the HRD group. The most important consideration is to join a department where your natural talent, mental ability, acquired skill and physical capacity will make you function constructively.
For example, you can join our Monitoring Department by monitoring and reporting to us issues relating to human rights (abuses or infringements) from your local government of residence. We will review such reports and adopt any necessary action.
You can join our Advocacy Department, to participate in public enlightenment campaigns in your local government of residence. Through this, you will serve as our point of contact in your area, in facilitating our activities.
If you have the flair and skill to provide logistics support for any of our activities, you may join our Logistics group. Here, you can deploy your skills towards any of our activities, e.g., driving, catering, ushering, DJ, etc.

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