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Our Mission

Advocacy & Enlightenment:

Our primary mission is advocacy and enlightenment: to educate Nigerians on their basic rights under the law. Our aim is to open the peoples’ eyes to their constitutional guarantees.

The objectives

We live in a society where ignorance is very pervasive. And this ignorance of one’s rights breeds conflicts, strife, needless killings and destructions. It has also resulted in the prevalent derogation of the citizens’ fundamental rights, both on the part of governments, their agencies and from person to person.
In our estimation, there is no way a person can enforce his/her rights if s/he is not aware of the existence of those rights in the first place. And that is why we have chosen advocacy and enlightenment as our primary aim of raising public consciousness and awareness of the existence of these rights.
Our mission is primarily driven by this 7-point agenda. These are to:

  • Embark on campaigns to educate the public on their fundamental human rights as guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution and all other applicable laws;
  • Ensure respect for the rule of law - by government, its agencies, and the people;
  • Enforce observance of applicable laws and adherence to procedures as far as citizens’ rights are concerned;
  • Expose acts that violate the citizens’ basic rights by government, its agencies and the citizens, with a view to advocating against the recurrence of such acts;
  • Enlighten the public on the proper and legal means of seeking redress when their rights are violated, rather than resorting to self-help, retaliatory measures, riots, breaches of public peace, destructions and killings;
  • Educate the people that there are no alternatives to preservation and sustenance of democracy and good governance as the best means to guarantee their fundamental rights;
  • Employ and promote peace, orderliness, good neighborliness and a decent society where everyone is fully aware of the limits of their legal rights.

All the above objectives can only be achieved by education and enlightenment. This is why a larger part of our activities is devoted to advocacy and campaigns geared toward the attainment of these objectives.