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Human Rights
Defenders (HRD)

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Who we are

The Peoples’ Rights Enlightenment & Awareness Initiative

(PREAWIN) Also known as KNOW YOUR RIGHTS is a non-governmental organization in Nigeria. It started in 2005 when people of like minds with no political, religious, or ethnic affiliation came together to map out strategies on how to generally educate Nigerians on their basic rights under the law.


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HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? Our team of legal practitioners is on hand to offer you free legal advice and consultations on any aspect of your right.


Join Us As Volunteer Lawyer

As a NGO deeply involved in the protection of the rights of the populace, we are regularly in need of lawyers as volunteers...


Human Rights Defenders (HRD)

Our volunteers are known as Human Rights Defenders (HRDs). This is a group formed for members of our Organization who are interested in participating more in our activities through volunteering.


Order for Our Lectures

We have many publications which relate to various aspects of your basic rights. The sale of these publications is a major source of fund-raising for our programs and activities, since membership of our Organization is free.


Support us

It is our desire to educate all Nigerians on their basic rights. This we intend to achieve through our listed programs. The task ahead of us is no doubt daunting. We are, however, prepared to bear the torch in educating Nigerian citizens on their rights as enshrined in the laws of our land.

Full / Partial Sponsorship

Funding for printing, producing CDs, publications, gifts or souvenirs to members or the public etc

Broadcast Media Sponsorship

Sponsorship of TV & Radio programs featuring Q & A from members of the public on various aspects of their rights.

Grant / Funding / Partnership

Organizations may support any of our programs enumerated above through grants and direct funding..

Donation of Materials

Organizations may choose to support our campaigns through donation of materials (address systems, projectors)